Thursday, July 1, 2010

Leftover into Lunch

Another Lunch from leftovers...
Had rice & shrimp TomYum ordered to go with my Bibimbab last night.
Didn't finish my rice and never even touched my Shrimp TomYum, so...

Lunch Today!
Shrimp Tom Yum
(no recipe)
Quickie Fried Rice

Heat Wok with oil &
brown onions,
slices o' ginger,
mini-cut fish tofu
(fish cake can be sub)
plus an egg scrambled
Add a few good dashes of
Vietnamese fish sauce,
touch of soy sauce,
Fresh ground Salt & Pepper
Add leftover rice
*mix well*

Sprinkle fresh diced cilantro
to fried rice
garnish with a


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