Friday, April 30, 2010

THE Jujube Martini

So here is my "Tea" Martini Project.
After many googling & researches I am glad
to say
I am the first to think up
this recipe

for the Martinis
I so love.

Get Ready???

Jujube Martini
Red Date Martini


Inspiration #1

Recently, I am on

the Jujube Tea

Been making the tea like
the Koreans do
(drinking a spoonful
mixed with hot water or
chilled over ice).

Then putting the
Jujube tea jelly

my flan.


Inspiration #2

Ever since I first tried
Sweet Tea Vodka
samples at Bill Batemen's
(the serving gals are hot
& they gave us 3 samples of
free drinks each to me & DH).
I wanted to try my hand with
a Sweet Tea Liqueur
a Martini.


The Sweet Carolina Sweet Tea Vodka
(new product)


Inspiration #3

Since doing the "wild thing"
(wild turkey bourbon shots)
is a "date thing" with hubby...

The Wild Turkey American Honey

(new product)

a must for this


Finished Product!



The recipe at a glance:

...In easy 3 parts...

1 part
jujube iced tea
(1 tablespoon of Jujube jelly
mixed with minimal
hot water,
then cooled with ice)

1 part
Sweet Tea
Vodka liqueur

1 part
Wild Turkey
American Honey

Shaken & not stirred
with ice...

Don't forget to...

Rim the glass with sugar
put the candied date
on the martini pick...

Get ready for the
"Red Date"




Bottoms Up!

-My Way-

Decor: Japanese dinner "setting".

"Japanese Dinner Setting"

Modern square porcelain "sauce" plate
Long glass dish

to be chilled like wine / martini glasses
in the freezer and use right
before serving the
sushi & sashimi
main course

Original Setting
Setting with the mat open
and chopsticks & glasses
on mat.
(before the napkins was placed
"still thinking at this point")


on my table

Mat rolled up
(thinking to insert a printed menu
hidden in the mat like an
ancient scroll),
chopsticks diagonal on plate set
bamboo colored
folded napkins
in the drinking glasses.

Close up

My ever changing dinner setting

-My way-

Flower Mini Ottoman

So I was browsing through Target today right?
I know I need a new floor filler because
my floor lounge pillow
made by MIL
is in bad shape.

I need something...
something that can be
a mini seat.

Something to
play around with.


I came by this...

The Flower Mini Ottoman

The purple ones
from Target.

In my opinion looks much better
than a red/pink version
(for my Decor that is).

I want to compliment the colors,
not match the couch
and have the "object" be absorbed
into the back ground.

I do think it adds a little
fun to the exposed back of my
leather couch anyways.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Modding the BEAST

the ultimate

Battle of
Man & Monster

...and I dubbed her...

"the BEAST"

Beautiful Monster
There she is,
the beautiful monstrosity
that my DH spent weeks
building the
beast of beasts
as he would put it.

She'll be capable
to be overclocked
and not even break
a sweat.

Yes, she'll be able to
run Maya, render 3-D models
in mins & secs...

She'll give you
the extreme pleasure
of virtual reality
in the gaming world.


She'll also take away
the precious time
spent between
me and my DH

SHE is the "Kitsune"
that ultimate seductress
who can tempt
my husband
away from me...


P.S. DH asked me to name his modding project
(like I always named all his toys)... & I did.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Gobō/burdock medicinal soup

우 엉

Burdock Soup

What you need
for this really good for you
Medicinal soup:

The star


Deer meat
(Normally, beef or chicken is used
but I like venison because it is
a more potent meat in medicinal soup)

(large each)

(red dates)
Goji Berries
a handful each

Ground Seasalt & Pepper

Cook in beef/chicken broth
(a dash of Dashi & sherry my way)


P.S. A great soup for detox,
improves skin conditions as
eczema, psoriasis, acnes and boils.
It helps staph infections, impetigo
or ulcers in the healing process.
Plus can help reduce sugar levels.
It also helps your "L" life

Note: Since it is a diuretic,
it will regulate (go more) your bathroom trips
so be sure to drink enough water.

Useful info:

another great recipe for burdock soup.

Just a very tasty soup plus very very good for you!

Sherried Mushroom Rotini

Inspired by the
Chicken Marsala Pastas
that I so often indulged in back in PA.

I felt like Sherry tonight
since I do not want the "redness" of the sauce
but like to keep the Marsala mushroom taste.

I am not using flour
(fattening as well)
to thicken the sauce
rather let the
thin coating of the wine sauce
coat the pastas in its glossy glory

Fresh Sausage
No preservative and uncooked
boil in water till done,
cut into little sections just before
tossing it with sauce
to retain moisture.

Sherried Mushroom Rotini

Rotini Pasta
cooked till done,
drain and set aside.

Heat pan with 1/3 olive oil,
1/3 vegetable oil & 1/3 butter mix

Add in shallots, chopped garlic
and 1 chopped small onion
saute the
pearl button mushrooms
(small size disappear into pasta
so it is not too visual to DH;
he does not like shrooms)
that is cut in halves.
Season with
Fresh ground seasalt & pepper

Brown everything good till the
(onion, garlic & shallots)
are a bit crisped but not burnt or "dry out"

added spinach for the green at this point
both for looks & it is "healthy" for DH
(optional though)
add the cutup boiled sausage

add sherry wine
(1 Tbs for each person's serving,
I use 3/4 cup for 4)
add 2 cups chicken broth
reduce the sauce into no less than 1/2 what it was

Toss your cooked pasta into remaining liquid
You want it coated
but not drowning in the sauce.

Garnish with raw grape tomatoes
(keep the acidity of cooked tomatoes out of the sauce,
serve with the refreshing sweet raw grape tomatoes)
and Parmigiano cheese
of course!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spanish rice today

In the mood for some rice
but do not want it
in Asian style...

So, was browsing recipes online
and remembered my
old Columbian friend's
home meal...
with my own two cents
thrown in of course.
(I can almost never follow recipe to the T,
guess it depends again on my mood).

Spanish Rice
Brown ground beef in olive oil in a skillet,
add garlic, fresh ground seasalt & pepper,
add 1 medium onion cut up,
add a can of tomato soup,
(recipe asked for tomato paste
but I find that too acidic)
add rice
and the right amount of water to cook the rice
(1 cup rice : 1.5 cup water)
add a bit more water so it comes out "wet"
cook 30 mins.
(I added baby shrimp but this is optional)
I serve the rice with
raw sliced sweet peppers,
(I love the fresh peppers as it adds a
"fresh crispness" than have them cooked soft
as the rice is already soft in texture)
avocado slices
fresh cilantro.
(tabasco / hot sauce or lemon
served as option
for that extra kick of sour)

Hot Wasabi Cheddar
& Fresh Grapes

for a later snack

Touchup VS non- touchup #1

Raw photo


Just a post on
Photoshopped photo
raw photos
the Lumix.

The Lumix also photograph beautiful colors...

Best Coffee in US my take!

THE Baltimore Coffee & Tea Company
Since 1895

Ever since my husband took me to this place,
I am in looove.

I grew up with fresh coffee (yes, I am spoilt) in Singapore
with access to the "real thing" (Javanese Coffee)
fresh roasted in the old ways
(a very big wok)
in Singapore because my dad
loves his morning brew
and has buddies who owned
the local "Kopi Tiam" (local cafe).
Hence I have a critical nose (snob) when it comes to
"Good Coffee"
(for the local Singaporean we know
how long the coffee line can be
at that special bedok block that sells them)
Baltimore Coffee & Tea company
is one of the very best
for me in USA,
I have been to quite a few states,
forever searching for
that potent brew
that can rival home.

Organic fair trade Peru
Here is one of the 100 plus beans they carry
(impressive collection)
no wonder they are in business for over 100 years
I got 1/2 lb of that today

Organic fair trade Peru Coffee

A great cup

a real smooth coffee
with a sweet "honey" note
on the upper nose
and a nice caramel finish
smells soo sweet

My dad drink his coffee black and I remembered
a good cup of black coffee should always be smooth
with a sweet finish & not drowned with bitterness.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flan My Way

Flan in silicone mold
So easy to make...
and does not take any baking.

Follow direction from the Flan package,

4 cups milk to mixture,
I like evaporated milk mixed with Vit D milk
for mine.
Heat mixture till boiling
over slow fire,
stirring constantly.
Prepare mold by pouring caramel into molds first
Pour flan mixture into molds
(I use silicone molds see the pink thing above?)
Let it set for 45 min.

Serve cold


Jujube Honey Tea Jelly

Again, this step is optional...
I love mine served with a scoop of
Jujube Honey Tea Jelly

Goes so good with the caramel & flan

My Way...

Panasonic Lumix FP3 review part 1

Review part 1

Took a day trip out to do my

test run on my new camera
(since I just got the
latest 8GB class 10
flash memory).

Pictures are experimented on the full potential of the
14.1 megapixel
(click on image to view details of the 14.1 megapixel)
in Auto mode
(No touch-ups, just raw photos)
(still figuring out my camera,
manual mode another time & day)
Just in 2 scene mode that I am documenting today:

Food mode
Scene mode

Zoom action simplified to a 1 +, 2 + or a 3 +
for easy read

Light/Ambiance/environment: in the car
Auto mode
Scene selection: Food
Zoom +

Light/Ambiance/environment: in the car
Auto mode
Scene selection: Food
Zoom +++

Light/Ambiance/environment: in the car
Auto mode
Scene selection: Food
Zoom ++

Light/Ambiance/environment: moving car window down
Auto mode
Scene selection: Food
Zoom ++

Light/Ambiance/environment: moving car window down
Auto mode
Scene selection: Scenery
Zoom +

Light/Ambiance/environment: in the car window down
Auto mode
Scene selection: Food
Zoom +++

Light/Ambiance/environment: moving car window down
Auto mode
Scene selection: Scene
Zoom ++

Light/Ambiance/environment: moving car window down
Auto mode
Scene selection: Food
Zoom ++

Light/Ambiance/environment: moving car window down
Auto mode
Scene selection: Food
Zoom ++

Light/Ambiance/environment: Outdoor overcast/light rain
Auto mode
Scene selection: Food
Zoom ++

Light/Ambiance/environment: indoor lowlight
Auto mode
Scene selection: Food
Zoom ++

Light/Ambiance/environment: indoor lowlight/flash
Auto mode
Scene selection: Food
Zoom ++

Light/Ambiance/environment: indoor lowlight/flash
Auto mode
Scene selection: Food
Zoom ++

Conclusive review for part 1:
Loved the food mode more than the scenery mode
as the mode gives the focus a clearer read to the object targeted especially in
a moving vehicle. Other reviews are right on target on the
capability of not blurring when subject or user is moving
(this feature do get a five star from me).
Physical feel of the camera itself is solid,
it is all metal and does not have a cheap feel to it.
Fits into the palm nicely and is thin enough not
to give you cramps over a long period of
handling the camera.
Well worth the price paid for.

To be continued...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bride of the Water God - Cosplay

하백의 신부
The Bride of the Water God
Just wanted to take some more
pictures & play with
more photoshop.

I got the bright idea
I dragged my DD to dress her up
in the Cosplay of "the bride".
(She does resemble "the bride" in the comics)
Shots below...

Side View #1

Hair Ornaments
only 12 & complaining the whole way

Side View #2

Side View 'The bride"

no sumi effect

"The Bride" Merged

What do you think???
She could just walk right into the pages!

more like her style

Guitar Skinni
Peace out