Sunday, April 25, 2010

Best Coffee in US my take!

THE Baltimore Coffee & Tea Company
Since 1895

Ever since my husband took me to this place,
I am in looove.

I grew up with fresh coffee (yes, I am spoilt) in Singapore
with access to the "real thing" (Javanese Coffee)
fresh roasted in the old ways
(a very big wok)
in Singapore because my dad
loves his morning brew
and has buddies who owned
the local "Kopi Tiam" (local cafe).
Hence I have a critical nose (snob) when it comes to
"Good Coffee"
(for the local Singaporean we know
how long the coffee line can be
at that special bedok block that sells them)
Baltimore Coffee & Tea company
is one of the very best
for me in USA,
I have been to quite a few states,
forever searching for
that potent brew
that can rival home.

Organic fair trade Peru
Here is one of the 100 plus beans they carry
(impressive collection)
no wonder they are in business for over 100 years
I got 1/2 lb of that today

Organic fair trade Peru Coffee

A great cup

a real smooth coffee
with a sweet "honey" note
on the upper nose
and a nice caramel finish
smells soo sweet

My dad drink his coffee black and I remembered
a good cup of black coffee should always be smooth
with a sweet finish & not drowned with bitterness.

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