Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flan My Way

Flan in silicone mold
So easy to make...
and does not take any baking.

Follow direction from the Flan package,

4 cups milk to mixture,
I like evaporated milk mixed with Vit D milk
for mine.
Heat mixture till boiling
over slow fire,
stirring constantly.
Prepare mold by pouring caramel into molds first
Pour flan mixture into molds
(I use silicone molds see the pink thing above?)
Let it set for 45 min.

Serve cold


Jujube Honey Tea Jelly

Again, this step is optional...
I love mine served with a scoop of
Jujube Honey Tea Jelly

Goes so good with the caramel & flan

My Way...

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