Friday, April 16, 2010

Banchan: 2nd "Jorim"

Kimchi Stew Pot
Cook Kimchi, rice cake, fish cake in kimchi stock
(Kimchi, miso,
Dashi and Chicken broth combo,
Korean chili powder
Salt & Pepper)
Fresh Green & Red bell peppers,
Scallions stalks,
(or seafood, squid, white cod, shellfish etc. or optional for z seafood allergic ppl)
Add tofu right before serving

Beware!!! This dish is extra spicy, not for z faint of heart.

Beef Stew Pot
Cook cube beef in beef stock
(Kombu flavored soysauce,
Garlic, dry red peppers whole pods,
Salt & Pepper)
Chunky cut carrots
(Mentioned Daikon on twitter, Daikon is OK too "z classic way",
but going for Carrots due to "color"
or you can always use both depending on your mood)
Premade - Fried tofu cut in triangles

(Again, I like Mirin & wine in mine but they are optional)

P.S. I usually stew this pot a good 45 mins to 1hr 15 min, it makes z kitchen smell heavenly!

Shitake & Egg "Mini" Stew Pot
Hard boiled egg
(using quail 2day, again felt like it)
cooked in Dashi stock
(Kombu flavored soysauce,
Salt & Pepper and...
1 Teabag "very not optional" serious)
Shitake Mushrooms


Mini stew, don't need so long lah OK!

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