Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Violin: Red #8

Inclined pitch silver echoes

Sweat beads on filaments sable

Mating dance in maniac trance

Sweetly seduced slowly begun

Nights' dark she's slightly veiled

Lightly silken barely concealed

Wisp perfume in toxic lure

Promise in a blood-red seal

Limbs slender chords whisper

Embrace will you? My eternal lover?

Come unto your mistress' bosom

Rest upon mine midnights' bower.

Corset bodice, steel and laced

Passion and pain combined, displaced

Taste her dark wet ruby cherries

Demands in life, blood and jury

Intense excruciate, senses sharp

Wanting for her, willing dark

Watched in crisp death silence

A consumed soul, devoured heart…


P.S. Thought I lost all my poems (they were all good too) ages ago, but this remaining one (as reminder).

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