Friday, April 16, 2010

Banchan: 3rd Jeon & others

Radish Kimchi
Store bought OK,
will never master kimchi art

Blood sausage,
Dip on side (see?)

Store bought also lah,
I fry only.
How they make it I dunno...
DH may or may not like this one...

Fresh Avocado Sashimi
Making avocado sashimi-style
Soysauce & fish flake
(before serving)

Cold Tofu dish
Chunk Tofu in
soysauce, white pepper (a must)
fried scallions.
(the other half of tofu went into z kimchi hotpot)

Fried Fish cake Tofu

Pre-made fish cake tofu (in squares, can be sliced thinner)
in oil

(Romain lettuce as garnish, spent $2.99 and got 6 romaine hearts so why not?)

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