Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spanish rice today

In the mood for some rice
but do not want it
in Asian style...

So, was browsing recipes online
and remembered my
old Columbian friend's
home meal...
with my own two cents
thrown in of course.
(I can almost never follow recipe to the T,
guess it depends again on my mood).

Spanish Rice
Brown ground beef in olive oil in a skillet,
add garlic, fresh ground seasalt & pepper,
add 1 medium onion cut up,
add a can of tomato soup,
(recipe asked for tomato paste
but I find that too acidic)
add rice
and the right amount of water to cook the rice
(1 cup rice : 1.5 cup water)
add a bit more water so it comes out "wet"
cook 30 mins.
(I added baby shrimp but this is optional)
I serve the rice with
raw sliced sweet peppers,
(I love the fresh peppers as it adds a
"fresh crispness" than have them cooked soft
as the rice is already soft in texture)
avocado slices
fresh cilantro.
(tabasco / hot sauce or lemon
served as option
for that extra kick of sour)

Hot Wasabi Cheddar
& Fresh Grapes

for a later snack

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