Monday, April 26, 2010

Sherried Mushroom Rotini

Inspired by the
Chicken Marsala Pastas
that I so often indulged in back in PA.

I felt like Sherry tonight
since I do not want the "redness" of the sauce
but like to keep the Marsala mushroom taste.

I am not using flour
(fattening as well)
to thicken the sauce
rather let the
thin coating of the wine sauce
coat the pastas in its glossy glory

Fresh Sausage
No preservative and uncooked
boil in water till done,
cut into little sections just before
tossing it with sauce
to retain moisture.

Sherried Mushroom Rotini

Rotini Pasta
cooked till done,
drain and set aside.

Heat pan with 1/3 olive oil,
1/3 vegetable oil & 1/3 butter mix

Add in shallots, chopped garlic
and 1 chopped small onion
saute the
pearl button mushrooms
(small size disappear into pasta
so it is not too visual to DH;
he does not like shrooms)
that is cut in halves.
Season with
Fresh ground seasalt & pepper

Brown everything good till the
(onion, garlic & shallots)
are a bit crisped but not burnt or "dry out"

added spinach for the green at this point
both for looks & it is "healthy" for DH
(optional though)
add the cutup boiled sausage

add sherry wine
(1 Tbs for each person's serving,
I use 3/4 cup for 4)
add 2 cups chicken broth
reduce the sauce into no less than 1/2 what it was

Toss your cooked pasta into remaining liquid
You want it coated
but not drowning in the sauce.

Garnish with raw grape tomatoes
(keep the acidity of cooked tomatoes out of the sauce,
serve with the refreshing sweet raw grape tomatoes)
and Parmigiano cheese
of course!


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