Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mi S/O chilli

Fresh ground
Pepper & Seasalt


is a must in my kitchen,
great start to my chili.

Pepper & Spice

See all the different spices?
We have white pepper,
paprika, cayenne pepper,
Mexican chili powder.
Korean chili powder,
(these ones are a mix of stuff)
Pepper flakes,
tabasco sauce,
jalapeno peppers
some curry powder too!
"Say spicy?"

P.S. yes, it all goes into my chili meat browned in a pot


Yes, beer!
Yup, drink half of that
dump half that
into the chili pot.

Chili meat

Brown meat in olive oil,
and all the above mentioned dry ingredients,
and the jalapenos,
and the garlic...
Add Beer
then your drained canned beans
(Using red kidneys & pintos tonite)
canned tomatoes,

and then
My secret ingredient
that I googgled and does not find other recipes using
and being documented
I am Soooooo coining this ingredient for chili
and that is my namesake for this chili

(Japanese bean paste
"made from beans getit?",
add a scoop
and it ties in not only the beans,
it ties with your beer in a
match made in heaven.)

P.S. Yes and "I" thought of it! Ha!
DH ate it a few times already
document as of today!

Mi S/O chilli
(my significant other
Miso chilli)

Served with
a fresh tossed garden salad with goat crumbles
Garlic toast
(I made this one with fresh garlic too)

Ha! Enjoy!

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