Monday, May 24, 2010

Bloody Mariyaki

Sunday Bloody Sunday's Drink...
DH has to go pick up a jug o' tomato and asked me to do him up a mixer.


Bloody Mariyaki
DH loooves Tomato & V8 juice,
just his cravings I guess...
No, I don't make this often.
By request only

Bloody Mariyaki
(Of course my own)

1 part Vodka (can be Sake too btw)
1 part Tomato Juice
1/8th part Tabasco sauce
1/8th part Japanese Teriyaki sauce
1 squeeze of Wasabe
(how spicy to each their own)
A dash of pickled ginger juice
(my way, in place of celery seasoning)
Fresh ground Salt & Pepper to taste

Shake with ice

Pour into pre-chilled glasses,
salt rim & garnish with grape tomatoes
if desired


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