Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brew Dog's Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Da Bomb

This beer definitely deserves more than its own blog (^.^and its own shot glass) about it from me...

Just for making my DH so
head over heels in love with this beer.
Just for that poor guy's (and many other guys too I am sure)
obsession for something so basic...

Just for what that "B" "E" "E" "R" spelled out to be...
the word that was never even been
in my dictionary nor my chosen drink...
Well except for that 32% alcohol that is,
(yes, the world's strongest beer as claimed in its homepage)
enough for my blood (fuchow) clan & content...

A thing, of DH's but not mine...
A thing of beauty that I cannot help but blog.

Brew Dog
Its "Da" beer of beer by "Da" brewer's of all beer brewers...

z "Brew Dog".

Soooo... Beautiful!
Its "Da" work of art...

From "Da" bottle to the packaging...
From "Da" taste to the experience...

"Da" Tactical Nuclear Penguin

"CUTE" too!

"Da" beer...

to Enjoy,
buy here.

P.S. DH is the one who took all these pictures
Plus... he eloped for a good half day "on Mother's day" to be with da beer too! ;)


"Da" beer is contributed by
my Brother-in-law.
Thank you.

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