Thursday, June 3, 2010

Campari "Zenzero"

Yes, this recipe is my own twist again...
Inspired by the Campari Flame BUT nothing like it!

What you need:

1 part Campari
1 part Sweet Rosso Vermouth
1 part Orangenade / Lemonade
1/2 a sweet orange
1 tsp sugar
1 thumbnail size Ginger "Zenzero"
(You need that much to totally infuse
the "ginger goodness"
and yes, its the star & key element;
so yah, its potent)

*Grind/crush* the ginger,
& sugar
with a muddler
(yes, mojito style)
into the bottom of your shaker
Juice your 1/2 orange in there
Add ice
Add your liquor
(but not the orangenade / lemonade)

*Strain & Pour*

into chilled glass

the Orangenade or Lemonade
on top of that concoction
(for that nice dual tone look)
Lastly garnish with a slice of orange

Campari "Zenzero"
that different twist my DH asked for
when he gazed passionately at
(OK drooling)

the campari website for cocktail mix.

P.S. DH always wants something different whenever he feels weak for his Negroni crave...

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