Friday, June 4, 2010

A little slice of my Kitchen

Here is a little sneak peek at my kitchen, just some little angle shots.

Decor stuffs

Basic earthen red & green
(reminds of X'mas but then so what?)
I totally dig them as they are strong
complimentary colors.

A measuring beer / cocktail shaker glass
(I have to go back & get 2 more in case it breaks
usable too for making my mixed drinks)

A square printed glass plate
(digg the wine theme)

My old Apothecary jar
(filled with usable dried chili pods)
an earthen candle holder that
can double as a chia pet

One of the most inexpensive and functional
way to brighten up a kitchen
is fruits like
Limes, Lemons, Oranges, Bananas...
(good old country way as my MIL will say)
Both to savor as food,
visual stimulation
as well as
in handy fresh summer drinks.

I love booze, I will not deny
It is almost like
a hobby for me to try out
new drink recipes.

So it only make sense that I will
also bring some liquor theme
into my kitchen

A complimentary drink of some sort
to accompany my meals

Like a Magarita
with grilled flank steaks
(from tuesday)

Finished off with a

"Fancy Santos"
Cuppa Joe


Yes, I do enjoy being in my Kitchen
creating & spending time
on my passions.

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