Saturday, September 25, 2010

Johnny B's Good "Peking Duck"

So, we love DH's new Johnny B's Good Rub-a-dub-dub... and what is the next thing we do with it???? Look below...


The Peking Duck
Johnny B's Good Style

Grilled Duck
Johnny B's Good Style
Rub recipe and prep on previous
Johnny B's Good Rib Blog

Scallion Brushes

and sauces
#1) Hoisin
warmed with
mustard oil,
Sesame oil,
red pepper pod
& ginger
#2) Campari Orange Sauce
2 tsp Campari
2 tbs Orange juice
1 tps Jujube honey
3 tbs light brown sugar
2-3 tbs water to reduce
1 tps cornstarch to thicken
#3) Cajun BBQ sauce

The Peking Duck Finale
Johnny B's Good Style
serve with
Lettuce & Flour "Pancake" Tortilla style wraps

*Enjoyed much*

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